Paul Morris

Driver Information:

Firstname: Paul
Lastname: Morris
Age: 54
Born on: 22-12-1967
Nationality: Australian
Country of Birth: Australia
Country of License: Australia
Also known as:

Paul Morris was born on 22-12-1967 in Australia and currently has the age of 54 . He is racing with a license from Australia. He competed in 39 races (#3751 in the world) in 3 championships in 1 competitions.

The numbers...


Participated in 27 events (Ranking: #3751) and won 0 events (Ranking #0)

Triple Crown

Driver has not won any races for the triple crown.


Driver has not won a race yet.

Career timeline:

Competed in:

Year Result Team Championship Racing Class
2021 Sun Energy 1 (SunEnergy1 Racing)
(Employed between: 26-01-2017 - 28-01-2017)
IMSA SportsCar Championship 2021GT Daytona
2018 SunEnergy1 Racing
(Employed between: 26-01-2017 - 28-01-2017)
IMSA SportsCar Championship 2018GT Daytona
2017 SunEnergy1 Racing
(Employed between: 26-01-2017 - 28-01-2017)
IMSA SportsCar Championship 2017GT Daytona

Participated in other events:

Date Event Track Racing Class Country
30-01-202124 Hours Of Daytona 2021DaytonaSportscarsUnited States of America
27-01-201824 Hours Of Daytona 2018DaytonaSportscarsUnited States of America
28-01-201724 Hours Of Daytona 2017DaytonaSportscarsUnited States of America
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