Bernhard Wagner

Firstname: Bernhard
Lastname: Wagner
Age: 62
Born on: 19-06-1961
Nationality: Austrian
Country of Birth: Austria
Country of License: Austria
Also known as:

Bernhard Wagner was born on 19-06-1961 in Austria and currently has the age of 62 . He is racing with a license from Austria. We have not enough information about this person to know in which race classes he competed. Let us know if you have more information about him.

The numbers...


Participated in 0 events (Ranking: #0) and won 0 events (Ranking #0)

Triple Crown

Driver has not won any races for the triple crown.


Driver has not won a race yet.

Participated in other events:

Date Event Track Racing Class Country
29-05-202224 Hours Of Nurburgring 2022NürburgringSportscarsGermany

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