[Book Review] Hibernate Search By Example

Packt Publishing gave me the opportunity to review another Hibernate-related book. This time it’s “Hibernate Search By Example”. As it says this book is oriented on searching with Hibernate which is a subject which a lot of (N)Hibernate developers have ran into in the past and probably wondered how they could implement this the best.

This book tries to give them a step-by-step example based tour around the world of searching with Hibernate. It expects the user to have a decent amount of Hibernate knowledge, which is not more than fair in my opinion. So it jumps right into the searching setup in chapter 1. With every chapter it goes into a deeper subject and you will slowly be able to build an advanced search application.

All-in-all a good book when you want to learn searching with Hibernate on the go by example. It’s not a big long read, but works as much as possible with examples.

You can get the book directly here.

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CRM 2011; Passing parameters to a custom url through the navigation bar

There is a very simple way to pass the form parameters to an external url when you add a navigation link to a form. When you want to do this you can use the “PassParams” parameter in your ribbon.xml. Sadly this parameter is not available in the user interface, so you will need to modify it by hand.

More information you can find here.

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CRM 2011: Disabling all fields on a form

Stop writing large amounts of code to disable all the fields on your CRM 2011 form. Have a look at the code snippet here and your done very quickly.

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Working with Javascript in CRM 2011 Rollup 11; You have exceeded the maximum number of 200 characters in this field; it will be truncated

You probably get an unpleasant suprise after installing rollup 11 on CRM when you start editing your javascript files. Quite quickly you will be prompted with: “You have exceeded the maximum number of 200 characters in this field; it will be truncated”.

However you can work around this CRM bug; Never click on “OK” when you are prompted with the message, but rather press “Cancel” and then “OK”. Tadaa now your javascript is saved fully without this irritating message :) .

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CRM 2011 Metadatabrowser now works with ADFS!

Rhett Clinton has delivered a new set of tools for Dynamics CRM 2011 in which he has incorporated some of his older tools. One of those, if not the most well known, the meta data browser wasn’t working on ADFS in the past which was a real shame.

However Clinton has recently released the Dynamics Xrm Toolkit 2011 together with Ramon Tebar which includes full ADFS support and contains the following components:

  • OData Query Designer
  • Metadata Browser
  • CRM 4 to CRM 2011 JavaScript Converter
  • Trace Tool (on premise only)
  • Statistics

We already are using it at our customers and even with the beta everybody is already quite happy :) .

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